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Terms of Use
Part time / Full Time  Data Entry Jobs Available in India, USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, & all other countries worldwide.
Please Note: All websites including www.typingathome.net are owned by Tom Foley and are considered an extension of www.workfromhomewizards.com. All terms, conditions and policies located on the www.typingathome.net website will apply to any and all memberships obtained through any sister site or extension of this site including www.workfromhomewizards.com -   www.shortcutstocash.com.
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1. Independent Contractor/Affiliate - I certify that I am of legal age to enter into any binding contracts in the state, country, or province in which I execute this Agreement. Upon approval and acceptance of my agreement, I will be regarded as an independent contractor/ Affiliate, solely responsible for my own business/work and understand that I will not be an employee. I agree as an Independent contractor/ Affiliate, I will not be regarded as an employee for the purposes of the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, Federal Insurance Contributions Act, Income Tax Withholding, Federal or State Income Taxes or any other laws pertaining to employees and by signing this Agreement, I certify that I am not subject to backup withholding. It is my responsibility to pay any self employment tax and all local state and federal taxes as required by law. As an independent contractor I am responsible for my own supplies including computer, internet access and any additional supplies I may neectd to complete my assignments. Assignments include website posting ads online, article typing, Blogging, comment posting, email compiling etc...

2. Policies and Procedures - As indicated by the websites faqs and other informational pages, it is my responsibility to follow the procedures of the program. I agree that TypingAtHome.net  EG. Workfromhomewizards.com may at its sole discretion amend it's program policies. I agree to abide by these basic rules and any other regulations or subsequent amendments to independent ad posters responsibilities or rights.

3. Conduct and Ethics - I agree to conduct myself as an independent entity in a legal, professional and ethical manner at all time.  I understand that I may not use spam marketing or duplicate other articles or bookmarks to complete my assignments.  I understand that no false statements or representations that may cause harm to our company/companies name whatsoever may be made against Typing At Home, workfromhomewizards.com or any other entities related to Internetpros inc. or it's officers. Failure to adhere to all terms of this agreement is cause for immediate termination of program access and possible legal action.

4. Provisions for Acceptance - Positions are open to all persons who faithfully and sincerely desire to exercise good judgement, common sense and responsibility. Typingathome.net , workfromhomewizards.com and other entities do not and will not discriminate in acceptance or rejection of Independent Home ad Typists because of race, creed, color, sex, or sexual orientation.

(Please Note:
All websites including www.typingathome.net are owned by Tom Foley and are considered an extension of www.workfromhomewizards.com. All terms, conditions and policies located on the www.workfromhomewizards.com website will apply to any and all memberships obtained through any sister site or extension of www.workfromhomewizards.com

5. Monthly Payments and Earning Levels.) I understand that this is not an hourly wage job and we are NOT employees of Typing At Home. I understand that I'm an affiliate and an independent contractor which means I am working on a contract basis. I understand that members are paid upon proper completion of their assignments.

Payments: I understand that the payment method I choose will determine my payment factors. In order to be paid via paypal you must have paid through paypal. (PayPal payments are the fastest payouts and the minimum earning amount is $10 via PayPal. Payments will be made to you on the same day we grade and return your final report if being paid with PayPal(Other payment types have a $100 earning minimum.) Grading time generally takes up to a week, but they can sometimes take all the way to 4 weeks on rare occassions. If  the time amount should ever exceed 4 weeks then we will often allow payments without any corrections needed to your report, however, this is not any type of promise or guarantee..

Monthly Earning Rates:
The maximum earning level for each package is in no way a promise or guarantee that you will make that amount or any. We cannot estimate what your monthly/daily/weekly or yearly income will be as this will solely depend on your speed, dedication and ability to finish your work in a timely manner. Additional earnings will also depend on your ability to  make the most use of your time by tackling bonus reports and earning commissions. We have set in place earning limits for each package which means we will supply enough work that is equal to the amount stated on your work package but will not surpass that amount. Additional earnings may come from from commissions, bonus assignments and specific assignments completed.

6. Who Supplies the Work - Work From Home Wizards E.G typingathome.net will supply you with all the work. Some of the work will be outsourced from additional companies and some of the work will be supplied directly on behalf of our websites and offers.

7. Agreement Cancellation, Refunds and/or Termination - Workfromhomewizards.com and all websites related have the right to at anytime change or add to this agreement (and or) our Rules & Regulations. This may also include payment schedules,assignment payouts and anything pertaining to your work assignments.  As an independent contractor/ marketer, you shall be entitled to cancel participation with www.typingathome.net, workfromhomewizards.com and all entities related, at any time for any reason upon written notice to our company. www.typingathome.net, Workfromhomewizards.com may at any time for any reason we feel is valid outside of the provisions for acceptance terminate an independent marketing typist. Regardless of reasons for cancellation, I agree that I as an (independent contractor) am not entitled to a refund of my registration fee as per this agreement but I am entitled to keep all dowloadable software that came with the program including all  training materials, Job sources, ebooks, video series downloads, business models in a box,Website graphics, blog software, posting software and everything that was acquired from the membership.  Refund requests based on double payments or age violations will be reviewed by us to determine the validity of the claim which will determine the outcome of the refund request. I fully understand that assignments are based on having the ability to follow the rules, to read, write and follow precise instructions. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of California and all claims, disputes or other matters between parties shall be brought in state or federal court in Los Angeles County, United States.

8. Accidental Double Payments -
Double payments are immediately refunded. However, We are charged between $3-$7 for every transaction refund therefore for any refunds such as for accidental double payments you agree to pay the return fee we get charged to return your payment. The higher the transaction amount, the higher the fee is but does not exceed $7.

By joining our program you agree to our Terms of Use.