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Form filling is one the easiest types of jobs one can do and requires no experience. With TypingAtHome.net members get paid simply for filling forms using our pre written text and placing it into online forms. We pay for each and every form that's filled. There's no need to generate a sale to get paid and there's no need to even get a click on the form to get paid. Members are simply required to cut and paste the information we provide.

The average form is 3-5 lines of text and includes a text link and email. We provide free form filling software that will automatically fill in any additional required fields such as name, address, phone etc..
Each form takes 15-25 seconds to fill and you're done and onto the next form.

Our home typing position entails the same type of form filling. You simply cut and paste the information and any additional information can be filled with our free form filing software. We also supply the forms so there's no need to seek out the forms yourself. All required software, tools, forms and resources are provided by us in your members training area.

Job Packages - See Our Package Payment Plans HERE

We have 6 different job packages we offer. Here are the jobs we offer with a brief description below

Research Assistant: A research assistant will be required to perform different research projects via searching the web. This can include but is not limited to gathering lists of website addresses, email addresses, names, phone numbers, or specific information on a specific subject.

Ad Posting Job: The basic typist job is one of the higher earning jobs we offer where member gets paid to post ads on the internet.

Form Filling Job: The form filling job entails easy cut and paste, ad posting, form filling and web surfing among other similar projects.

Email List Compiler:  Email list compiler compiles emails using many different methods provided by us using the web. Includes web surfing etc..

Research Email Typist: Includes ad posting, researching interested parties in specific services and gathering emails. Also involves sending emails and other forms of online marketing tactics using research and email tactics.

Combo Typist: The combo Typist position includes all 5 positions rolled into one.Combo typists gets paid up to .15 cents per form and $20/sale. Max monthly earning is $2500 per month. This is the highest paying package there is aside from our Franchise. Combo typists get additional assignments the other positions do not get -they pay very well. They also receive more money for referrals, incentives and other great bonuses.

Franchise:         Become a franchise owner and earn 50% of all sales for up to $200 ticket (you would earn $100 for just one referral). We build you your own webspage and you can collect the income and pay us our share. Franchise comes with the the basic typist package. Includes Bonus payments after 5 referrals +.. Franchise is the highest paid package and earnings are UNLIMITED.

NOTE: All packages include additional assigments which can include form filling, typing, web surfing, email processing, Blogging, facebook, twitter and more... Assignments are changed every 2 months.

We gets hundreds of requests daily from various online companies seeking to outsource their marketing projects. We enlist our home typists to complete these projects which helps these companies better their business presence and higher their search engine ranking and overall website page rank.

Typingathome.net has been involved in data entry and outsourcing for many years now. We are a legitimate company who thrives on keeping our corporate appearance up to par by hiring only the most competent individuals who can keep our business track record in the highest standings.

Because of the type of business we do, we do not require our applicants to have previous experience,typing speed etc.. Most of the work is cut and paste, and software is provided. It's a very simple job almost anyone can do.

Job Requirements

Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
Must have computer access.
Must be able to read and write English.
Must be able to follow instructions and directions.
Must be able to work on your own independently.

To begin simply click on the Register button below. Afterwards you will be redirected to choose your job package.

To your success,
Sari Balhi & Team

Typing At Home
Po box 113
10153 1/2 Riverside Dr,
Los Angeles, CA 91602

Join our team of professional data entry typists and form fillers and be able to generate massive profits part time or full time from home... Due to the immense diligence in our team leaders, we have been able to successfully organize and efficiently set up extremely profitable outsourcing projects daily from all around the globe that literally anyone can do. We employ individuals internationally from such wonderful places like Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Canada, USA, UK, Kenya, Philippines, Africa and more... Because offshore data capture and data entry have become in such high demand, we are receiving outsourcing projects daily that require urgent completion. Therefore we are always in need of extra global hands...
Typingathome.net has literally changed my life. Since I've been working with them I have been able to pay all my bills and catch up on old debts. I am no longer behind thanks to typing at home. Thank you!

Ashly Winderdin
I always assumed these jobs were fake but I found myself at such a desperate financial place it really was my last resort. Thank you for being the real thing! Because of this job I will no longer be so judgmental about work at home opportunties.

Melvin Green
This job prove to be best for me. I am student from India and it hard to earn money from over here. I thank typing at home as they help me to get through school and pay bill at my home.

Nileen K.
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Part time / Full Time  Data Entry Jobs Available in India, USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, & all other countries worldwide.

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