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Join our team of professional data entry typists and form fillers and be able to generate massive profits part time or full time from home... Due to the immense diligence in our team leaders, we have been able to successfully organize and efficiently set up extremely profitable outsourcing projects daily from all around the globe that literally anyone can do. We employ individuals internationally from such wonderful places like Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Canada, USA, UK, Kenya, Philippines, Africa and more... Because offshore data capture and data entry have become in such high demand, we are receiving outsourcing projects daily that require urgent completion. Therefore we are always in need of extra global hands...
I have searched for work for long time and not easy to find on the web these days due to so many scams. Typing at home is great source of income for people that have little experience and want legitimate job. I recommend typingathome.net to anyone who ask me.

Aasera Baba
I love that typingathome.net never make me wait to answer my email. They always answer right away and provide the best service. The support is nice and friendly and always answer all my questions. They are great and professional company!

Fayza haddad
I love this job because I get to choose my own hours and the although it is still a job, the work is easy and the pay is amazing.
I could never find another job where I could make all this money for doing something so simple!

Lacy Walken
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Part time / Full Time  ad posting Jobs Available in India, USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, & all other countries worldwide.
100% Scam Free Home Typist Job Package
Get Paid For Every Ad Typed


Simple home typing job system. Get paid to cut and paste ads from your home office or cyber cafe.

You are guaranteed to earn for each ad whether it's clicked or not. Pays up to $2 for each form filled for this position.

This is a genuine home typing position that pays you per form filled. Each form takes 20-30 seconds to complete. We supply you with free form filling software and pre written text to help you speed up your postings. This is a simple cut and paste job you can do easily from home.

This Position Does Not Require Any Experience

We provide the following Materials...

Step by Step Instructions with video tutorials,  instructional images and free software to assist you in your posting efforts.

Software, tools and resources are provided by us which are included in your package. This will help you fill forms faster and more efficiently.

We offer Online support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This is a real earning job that you can easily do from home no matter where you live in the world. We are currently offering payments by western union and moneygram.

We require a one time registration fee of $100. 
NO Monthly Fees Ever! Use the links below to register. Your login will be sent within 24 hours

To pay by credit card click below

Registration: $100 One Time Fee
Basic Typist Job Signup